Online marketing agency in Barcelona

We work with our clients to implement communication strategies, lead acquisition initiatives and schemes to reinforce customer loyalty. Our deep knowledge of the online space, plus a carefully designed approach to measuring and analyzing campaign metrics allow us to provide you continuous feedback on the performance of your online efforts.

If something is free,
you’re not the costumer,
you are the product.

Advertising campaigns

We have a long and proven track record designing and running online advertisement campaigns. We work hand in hand with the advertising departments of Google, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop of the latest developments and to optimize your campaigns.

The global presence of some of our customers has led us to design campaigns with an international reach.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Copywriting and advert design
  • Campaign setup
  • Investment planning

Lead generation

Our team comprises different professional profiles, which allows us to cover all the aspects required by an online campaign: design, programming and communication.

We can build mini-sites or landing pages for lead acquisition, or implement the required technical aspects of your campaigns in the shortest possible time. Having the whole team under the same roof makes us very agile.

We also enjoy going beyond well established practices, thinking outside the box and comming up with creative approaches.


One key aspect of a successful website is understanding your visitors and their reactions when they are presented with your content. What are the driving factors behind their usage patterns? Why do they visit some content while skipping other parts of your site? What can we do to reduce their rebound ratio, increase the time they spend on the site or find out which of our pages are producing errors?

You may find that your positioning in search results for critical keywords is not that good, while your competition soars above you. How do they do it?

Luckly, there are many free and commercial utilities that can help you monitor and evaluate your users engagement with your website: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, SEMRush and many others will give you the insights you need to understand your audience in order to devise appropiate responses and improvements.