E-mail marketing in Barcelona

Whads has ample experience designing and implementing newsletters, managing adress lists and performing mass mailing actions.

We offer an Amazon based e-mailing platform, and also work with other well established platforms such as Campaign Monitor or MailChimp.


We will take care of the technical aspects of integrating your chosen e-mailing platform with your environment: setting up lists (with either single or double opt-in), custom fields, subscribe and unsubscribe messages, autoresponders, embedded web forms, importing lists, synchronizing data bases, integrating with a CRM, webservices, etc.

We take care of your reputation

The reputation of your e-mail addresses is a key factor in ensuring your messages don't end up on SPAM folders. We will take steps to ensure it remains untarnished: quality assurance of address lists, address authentication (with DKIM, SenderID, etc) to prevent identity supplantation, integration with warning systems from the mail e-mail providers (Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail) to quickly detect and unsubscribe faulty or suspect addresses, rebound analysis and list clean-up, monitoring of black lists, etc.

Measuring and analysis

We can help you keep up with the status of your campaigns, design reports and analyze conversions and overall performance, using comparisions between campaigns, click through analysis, integration with Google Analytics, use of custom metrics, exporting data, segmenting your lists, etc.


We produce templates that are rendered correctly in the widest possible number of email readers. Although similar in appearence, there's a world of difference between building a web page and a newsletter. Email programs and webmail providers place a lot of restrictions over the kind of elements and structures that they allow in messages, make them much harder to design and implement. The fact that more and more email is displayed on mobile devices complicates this matter further.

Authoring tools

We provide tools to create and edit newsletters based on templates. These templates can be integrated with the mailing platform or with your Content Management System (CMS). Woost, a CMS developed by Whads, is specially suited to this endeavour, since it structures its page composition in blocks, an approach that grants freedom to your editors to arrange your content as needed, while retaining the strict internal structure required by newsletters.


We will study your specific needs and help you choose the mailing platform and authoring tools that best match your requirements. For example, if the recipients of your newsletters were all company employees or members of an organization it wouldn't make sense to offer them an option to unsubscribe. Unfortunately, platforms such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor mandate that all messages include a link to do so. In that case, WeSend may be a better option, as it doesn't have that requirement. On the other hand, WeSend doesn't offer an integrated email authoring tool. By studying your specific case and contrasting it with the pros and cons of each solution we can help you make the best possible choice.